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Father Convicted of Attempted Statutory Rape and Registered as a Sex Offender Entitled to Clam Visitation

In the recent decision of Bobbitt v. Eizenga (6 September 2011), the North Carolina Court of Appeals held that a father convicted of attempted statutory rape and registered as a sex offender has a legal right to claim visitation.  In … Continue reading

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Co-ownership of real estate between husband and wife

This is my delimena, my mother died in 1981 at this time I do not have a copy of a will. My step father declared there was not one. He re-married in 1982. At his death he had no will … Continue reading

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Life Time Rights in Real Property

Life time rights to a home means that during her lifetime, the person with the life time rights has possession and control over the property only until her death.  At death, the title to the land passes to some other … Continue reading

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