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Power of Attorney in North Carolina

A question that comes up frequently is whether or not a Power of Attorney must be recorded to be valid.  N.C. G.S. 32A-9(b) requires a Power of Attorney to be registered if it is to survive the mental incapacity or … Continue reading

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Court Lacks Jurisdiction Over Property Issues

The North Carolina Court of Appeals in a case filed October 4, 2011, in the matter of Tripp v. Tripp, held that the Superior Court of New Hanover County lacked subject matter jurisdiction over the claims by one of the … Continue reading

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North Carolina Supreme Court Allows Termination Of Alimony Due To Cohabitation

In the decision of Underwood v. Underwood filed August 26, 2011, the North Carolina Supreme Court reversed the Court of Appeals and the trial court and held that an alimony obligation in a court order should terminate because of the … Continue reading

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No Contempt Of Court For Violating An Erroneous Order

The North Carolina Court of Appeals in the decision of Church v. Church (now Decker) (November 2011) reversed a trial court decision holding the Plaintiff in contempt on the grounds that the underlying Order that the Plaintiff was held in … Continue reading

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The Effect Of Divorce On Wills

In North Carolina, the entry of a divorce decree revokes by operation of law any provisions in the other spouses’ will in favor of the divorced spouse.  North Carolina General Statute Sec 31-5.4 provides that the dissolution of a marriage … Continue reading

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