Estate Planning and Probate

As part of estate planning, individuals should consider what property they own and how they want their hard-earned assets distributed to their surviving family members and others.

The benefits of having a legal will in Greensboro

The most common ways that people express these final wishes are by creating a valid will or setting up a living revocable trust.  Determining whether a will or trust is right for you can be extremely complicated, with many legal and financial ramifications.  So it pays to enlist the services of a qualified North Carolina wills lawyer to analyze the best strategy for your situation.

  • You designate who gets your property and in what proportions, rather than the State deciding
  • You name guardians for your minor children rather than the State deciding
  • You select an executor to administer your estate rather than the State deciding
  • Helps your beneficiaries save money by reducing legal fees, accounting and court costs, bond fees and confusion over who gets the property

Living wills & advance directives

Good estate planning should include a living will or advance directive. A living will is a legal document that expresses your wishes about how your medical care should be handled in the event you are incapacitated and unable to speak for yourself.

An advance directive is a living will combined with a durable power of attorney for healthcare that designates a trusted relative or friend to act as your healthcare agent and make healthcare decisions on your behalf.
You should never write on your will or modify your will without getting legal advice from an attorney as it could make it invalid. A lawyer can change your will by making an amendment (codicil) or by preparing a new will.

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